About One Queen City

At its core, OQC is intended to bring people throughout Poughkeepsie together. We believe that by finding opportunities for the many communities within our city to talk and act together, we can help build an environment of public engagement that can allow our city to work better for us all.

To that end, we’re starting our effort with a consolidated community calendar for events taking place in (or right outside) the city of Poughkeepsie. We aim to be a one-stop-shop for opportunities to volunteer, participate in public meetings, and socialize with our neighbors.

Additionally, we’ll be using our features section to highlight people and institutions working for a better Poughkeepsie.

OQC needs participation to thrive. We aim to include voices and events from across Poughkeepsie’s many communities so we can serve the city as a whole and help build a unified community. We encourage everybody to submit events and contact us with ideas for features, as well as any other suggestions for how to make the site better.

Finally, in all of our work we aim to follow a set of Core Principles:
• Inclusivity and democratic participation – change requires communication and cooperation.
• Compassion for all our neighbors
• Focus on creating tangible positive impact in people’s lives.
• Supporting and amplifying the work of aligned community groups and institutions.
• A willingness to engage with difficult conversations.

Right now, OQC is run by an informal planning committee. If you’d like to get involved just let us know!